Join us in Medieval Merriment
to benefit Wounded Warrior Project!

Endview Plantation, Newport News, VA.    Oct 9-11, 2015

Fri 5pm-9pm, Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-3pm


  • Period Encampment
  • Dancing
  • Musicians
  • Merchants
  • Knightly Games Horse Demos
  • Food
  • Bouzkhashi (Sheep Rugby)
  • Archery
  • Tug of War
  • Pumpkin Toss
  • Labyrinthe
  • Raffle



Visit with our gathering of local groups demonstrating period skills, crafts, and swordplay. Learn about medieval life and times. Try your hand at competitions.

Adrian Empire - Duchy of Cashel

The Adrian Empire is a national 501(c)3 educational organization dedicated to recreating the skills and activities of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period of early history. This is done through combat, archery and the arts and sciences of the times. The Empire is represented by The Duchy of Cashel (VA) - contact:


Kingdom of Cornucopia (New World Reenactors) is a live-steel medieval reenactment group based in the Hampton Roads region in Virginia, with members in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Richmond surroundings, North Carolina and California. The group was founded in 1992 by Angel and Kirsty Reyes. We are a role-playing educational group, based on Southern Spain in the 13th Century (1273AD, King Alfonse X reign). Although most of our monthly events are in Suffolk, we also participate in Harvest Faire in Newport News, History Alive at Norfolk Botanical Gardens and the Hampton Roads Medieval Faire in Suffolk. Come on out and visit or join us. (Please bring a bag of smiles!)

Parodi's Academy of Medieval Martial Arts


A reenactment group to educate and entertain. Parodi's Academy will, again, bring their beautiful horses onto the fields to demonstrate equine skills. Learn of military equipment of the Renaissance knights and of the schools of armed combat.


Entertainment - Music, Dance, and More

We will have new and returning talents, performing throughout the day and evening.

Desert Wind


Desert Wind and its members have become a sought after entertainment group on the Hampton Roads concert stages and along the east coast at seminars and at art festivals. The product of Janna's International Dance Studio, Desert Wind specializes in the dances of the Middle East, both traditional and cabaret. They are known for their expressive and innovative use of modern music and their unique costuming, staging, and exceptional Middle Eastern Belly Dance technique.

Lapis Moon


This Middle Eastern dance troup, a long-time Harvest Faire crowd-pleaser, lights up our stage with their beauty and grace.

The Sunshowers


Returning faves. Catch this blast from the past of rock, country, and britpop. Their groovy good time tunes will cure what plagues you.

Clan MacCool

A high energy, interactive, performance of traditional Irish, Scottish and Maritime songs and tunes with a definite Piratical Twist

Noor & Hex

A captivating union of Dance and Drum.

Amber & Mayura

Returning to grace our stage with Middle Eastern dance.

Tinkerbell & Terence

Magically entertaining Songs & Stories.

Femella Contemporalis


New to the Faire this year and hailing from the Baltimore area, a duo performance of creativity and skills on aerial fabric and hoop. "Hannah and Gretchen" - a tale of wood elves!

T-Rex and the Velociraptors


The Harlon Experience

When that last guitar's been packed away, you know he still wants to play.


Our good fortune to cross paths - Bellydance/Fusion, Celtic theme.

Improper Puppetry

Punch & Judy. Thwack!


Sweet & Savory
Miriam's Yarns & Fibers
Tidewater Treecrafters
Dragonhand Designs
Madame Tess Readings
Lisa Powers Silver Jewelry
Malhanch Armoury
Paniers by Legault
Fishers Handmade Scrollwork and Chainmaille
Leather Arts Store
Mythical Genetics
The Red Dragon's Nest


->>> Pre-Registration has CLOSED. See you at the Faire! <<<-

Faire Registration

  • Pre-Registration - Weekend
    • Adult - $18
    • Youth (6-12) - $9
  • Camping - Pre-reg Only
    • Per Tent fee - $30, incl. 1 camper.
    • Added campers Adults/Youth(6-12)- $15
    • Six campers per tent
  • At the Gate - Weekend
    • Adult - $20
    • Youth (6-12) - $10
  • At the Gate - Day Fees
    • Adult - Fri - $5, Sat - $15, Sun - $10
    • Youth (6-12) - Daily - $5
    • Daily after Sundown (only) - $5

Hours: Fri 5pm-9pm, Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-3pm

Faire Rules & Regs

Permission Form for Minor Attending with Non-Parent/Guardian

Announcing The Most Noble Order of Harvest Faire! (OHF)

Have you ever wanted to be a Knight? A Duke? A Contessa?

Harvest Faire offers annual Peerage Ranks.  These peerages can be associated with real or imagined Realms of Greater Hampton Roads and Harvest Faire . Applicants for the Knight/Dame, Baron/Baroness, and Count/Contessa will receive weekend passes to the Faire and be Invested at the Faire, itself. Those applying at the Earl/Countessa or Duke/Duchess level can also be invested at a separate ceremony if they so choose.


  • Knight/Dame
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Count/Contessa
  • Earl/Countessa/Marques(sa)
  • Duke/Duchess


  • (Sir/Dame)
  • (Lord/Lady)
  • (Lord/Lady)
  • (Earl/Contessa)
  • (Duke/Duchess)


  • $35, $65/couple
  • $50, $90/couple
  • $120/couple
  • $250/couple
  • $500/couple


  • 1/2 passes/invest.
  • 1/2 passes/invest.
  • 4 passes/ceremony
  • 4 passes/ceremony
  • 8 passes/ceremony

*Excludes camping


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