Harvest Faire info:

Date: September 17th and 18th with set-up on September 16th, 2022.
Location: Franklin-Southampton County Fairgrounds, 25374 New Market Road, Courtland, VA 23837.

Harvest Faire Re-enactor Rules and Information – 2022

To remain in compliance with the rules and policies of Southampton Fairgrounds and Harvest Faire, we require that all Re-enactors adhere to the rules stated below in addition to the General Harvest Faire 2022 Rules and Policies, with exceptions for  specific participant classes listed at the end. Staff are not always available to discuss deviations, so always be ready to comply with the rules as written. Harvest Faire reserves the right to expel individuals without refund at any time and for any reason. Harvest Faire is intended to be a safe, fun environment for all attendees.

⇨ Setup is 11AM-6PM Friday.
⇨ Takedown is 3PM-5PM Sunday (all sites must be cleaned and cleared out NLT 5PM).
⇨ Hours of operation are 9am-6pm Saturday and 9am-3pm Sunday.

Dress Code: Re-enactors must wear period attire during the hours of Faire operation.

Encampment: Encampments shall show demonstrations of daily life, workmanship, and combat for their selected time-period/region within 900 AD-1650 AD. Re-enactors shall set up their encampment prior to the Faire hours of operation. We allow a little more leeway for any pirate encampments on time-period. You get just an empty space to set up. Your encampments must present period tents or canopies. Any questions about appropriateness should be raised before the event. Faire does not provide or rent, tents, canopies, tables, or chairs.

Rain Policy: The Faire will be held as indicated, rain or shine. Rain is not considered termination of agreements.

Entry Fee: Performers, Merchants, Reenactors and Staff are given free entry/camping in exchange for their work. But, this is a charity fundraiser, so regular attendees pay admission. Registration wristbands must be visible at all times and are non-transferrable. All wristbands are firmly applied at Registration – they do not fall off and cannot be taken un-affixed to other individuals away from the Registration Booth. If you feel that your sweat or other causes make your wristband at risk of falling off, you are responsible for securing it additionally to prevent this.

Reenactor Parking: Reenactors will park in the main parking area, which is adjacent to the event field. Speak with the event staff about other parking arrangements for trailers.

Restrictions: You should be selling what you enter on the Merchant application.


  • Balloons, confetti, or snap-n-pops are allowed to be used or sold.
  • Obscene or family-inappropriate materials will be allowed for sale at the event.
  • Illegal materials are to be sold.
  • Vending outside of your designated area
  • Vending in the parking area

Trash: Dumpsters are provided, and reenactors are responsible to take their own refuse to the dumpster. All reenactment encampments are to be kept clean of trash or refuse on a regular basis and each area must be thoroughly cleaned prior to departure. All refuse must be placed in the dumpsters provided - do not use the Faire trash bins.

Reenactor Behavior: Reenactors are expected to adhere to a “good neighbor” policy and cooperate with adjacent participants. This includes limiting the noise generated by your encampment, control of any gathering crowds, and control of under-aged family members. No rude or abusive behavior is permitted with other participants or attendees.

Food and Drink: Reenactors may provide for their members but are not to vend food to the public. There are to be food vendors that typically remain operational from opening until evening.

Camping: Harvest Faire is a period and primitive camping event within the Faire Reenactor Encampments. A camp area for non-period tents/RVs will be available at the back of the fairgrounds. RVs must be parked in places indicated by Faire Administration only. There are no hook-ups and no dumping at the Southampton Fairground.

Campfires: Re-enactment groups are not allowed to dig pit fires. The use of braziers (and similar period items) and portable firepits is recommended. All fires must have fire extinguishers at-hand. Fires may not be left unattended – not for any reason or for any amount of time. Someone must be physically at the fire and watching it. It is the responsibility of each party to completely extinguish all fires. Coals must be disposed of in marked containers only. Charred logs may be deposited beside the dumpsters at the sign – not in the coal bin.

Guests: Until 6pm you may allow REGISTERED attendees and participants to visit you at your site, but after 6pm, all non-campers must leave the Fairgrounds.
For additional information, special circumstances, or other matters that require direct contact, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (use ‘HF Re-enactors’ in the subject line) or call 757-816-8645.