Entertainment - Music, Dance, and More

We will have new and returning talents, performing throughout the day and evening.

Desert Wind


Desert Wind and its members have become a sought after entertainment group on the Hampton Roads concert stages and along the east coast at seminars and at art festivals. The product of Janna's International Dance Studio, Desert Wind specializes in the dances of the Middle East, both traditional and cabaret. They are known for their expressive and innovative use of modern music and their unique costuming, staging, and exceptional Middle Eastern Belly Dance technique.

Clan MacCool


One of a kind acoustic Celtic. Irish & Scottish traditional.  Fun for the whole family (and parts there-of)

Drunken Weasels Border Morris


Stick-clashing, rag-coat-whirling, exuberant dancing - a wild, Welsh tradition in your very own Tidewater.

Lovebirds East


Amber Amara


Our good fortune to cross paths - Bellydance/Fusion, Celtic theme.


Bella Nyx and Friends

Feral Showgirls


The Wandering Bard

District 7 Party Band

I Gabe

Nick Caffacus (Nick at Nite)


Pianist, multi-keyboardist and vocalist.  A true entertainer, touring & studio talent, and HF fave.

Improper Puppetry

Punch & Judy. Thwack!